New Competition: Strategic Frameworks and Beyond Google for Competitive Intel

The Strategic Frameworks and Beyond Google for Competitive Intel takes place May 16 6-9pm at DePaul O’Hare. Find a short description of the event below. More information is available on the PDMA website. Read more about NU successes in national competitions and within the MEMPC as well.

“Often in business, asking questions in the right way brings clarity to the answers and renewed purpose to an organization. Frameworks do just that — provide analytical structures from which businesses can gain perspective on where they fit within their own business environment and reveal exploitable competitive advantages. The trick is to know the most insightful frameworks, when to apply them, and how to fill them with the right data to bring clarity to your business strategy.

“In this presentation, Sean Campbell, national speaker, teacher and successful consultant, will not only share with you the most useful frameworks for today’s businesses, but he’ll show you the secrets of how to reach into the web beyond Google to collect the data you’ll need to fill your framework with relevant data. Don’t miss this foundational topic and fabulous speaker.”

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