Accenture Wi-Fi Analytics Competition Focuses on Big Data

TomorrowFriday, May 10, will mark the first weekly call and official start of the 2013 Accenture Wi-Fi Analytics Case Competition. Students from the MEM department and the Master in Science of Analytics program as well as anyone enrolled in IEMS 490 Managerial Analytics had the opportunity to register a 2-3 member team for the competition. Finalists will be chosen to present their cases to a board of Accenture executives and partner affiliates supporting the competition and have a chance to win tablet computers and a $1000 prize. 

Accenture chose the topic of challenge because of the importance and usage of Wi-Fi in the United States. According to an Accenture report:

Statistics and trends point to the growing importance of Wi-Fi. In the United States, for example, Wi-Fi connections account for more than 37 percent of digital traffic over mobile phones, and about 90 percent of Internet access from tablet computers is done via Wi-Fi, not through a 3G or 4G network. . . . With the rise of digitization, Wi-Fi network operators and owners have amassed terabytes of information about their user base and their behaviors.

The enormous store of Wi-Fi data is the perfect ground for experimenting with Big Data. The groups will have the opportunity to analyze data sets and examine trends in ways never before possible with traditional market methods. While exploring the many unique new uses of Big Data they hope to discover real world possibilities for new business opportunities.

Each team will submit a problem statement halfway through the competition and a final deliverable on May 24. The final teams will be chosen to present a Powerpoint presentation with a strict 12 slide limit to a board of Accenture executives and Accenture partner participants for final evaluation. The winner and their project will be announced in a press release with Northwestern at the end of the competition, so keep an eye out at the end of May. Pictures from the information session can be seen below. If you missed out on the event, make sure to attend an upcoming event hosted by inNUvention, a group that runs a startup competition on campus in the Fall. Best of luck to all our MEM participants!

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