Seminar with IBM Executive: Driving Innovation in a Global Enterprise

Innovation is at the very heart of an organization’s ability to survive, particularly in the fast-moving technical world. But how can one ensure that efforts toward innovation succeed?

Find out how this Tuesday, April 23, at 4 p.m. in the ITW Classroom of Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center when Dr. Bernard Meyerson, an IBM Fellow and Vice President of Innovation at the IBM Corporate HQ, presents a Dean’s Seminar entitled “Driving Innovation in a Global Enterprise.”

In his presentation, Meyerson will discuss strategies to ensure the simultaneous availability of the right people, infrastructure, and motivation needed to sustain innovation in a global enterprise. He will also provide examples of the extraordinary outcomes that can result when all three of these attributes come together.

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  1. Disclaimer: As I have said a number of times – We have not implemented a system like this before and do not know how it will ultimately work. We don’t guarantee any level of success, but believe that it will benefit many people who “rush” the site first – As it is designed to do.

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