First MEM Applicant Info session at 1871 is a Huge Success

The first ever MEM information session held downtown at the 1871 Incubator in Merchandise Mart on February 20 was a great success. More than 20 people registered for one of the best attended and longest information sessions hosted by the NUMEM department. It may not be well known, but Northwestern has space in 1871 for student based start-ups.  What is well known is that  1871 is becoming the go-to place for technology based start-ups in Chicago.



Information sessions are an essential part of the applicant process for many MEM students. While engineers may stumble upon the MEM website while researching graduate programs or hear recommendations from MEM alumni, many potential candidates aren’t satisfied until they can ask questions, evaluate the program, and make a decision for themselves. Luckily, Dr. Gail Berger and alumni John Nelson (’85) were on hand to help.

Dr. Berger offered examples of the business aspects of the program by discussing her Leadership and Negotiation for Engineers classes while Mr. Nelson (’85) helped answer questions and served as a prime example of the incredible opportunities an MEM degree can create. He is the Co-Founder and President of the Applied Research Company, an industry advisor for the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern, and a member of the International Association of Financial Engineers, PRMIA, and Who’s Who in the World.

Perhaps most importantly to us, Mr. Nelson is an advisory board member for the MEM program and proof that the strength of the MEM program does not lie simply in the degree, but also in the community that comes with it. We hope to see 20 new applications in our inbox soon. Missed out? Our next sessions take place April 17 in Evanston and April 22 in Bensenville.

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