Great career insights from a graduate of our MEMPC partner Duke’s MEM program! Charelle Lewist shares her advice on getting acclimated to a new work environment and the importance of taking risks.

"Engineering Management Thought of the Week" Jeff Glass

We are very fortunate to have guest blogger Charelle Lewis provide numerous insights on Career Development for this post and the next. Charelle is a PMI certified IT Project Manager for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Durham, North Carolina. A native of Houston, Texas, Charelle moved to Durham in August 2000 to attend Duke University, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. After graduating from Duke, Charelle entered the IT Development Program at GSK. While in this program, she earned her Six Sigma Certification and gained experience as a Business Analyst, Process Improvement Analyst and Project Manager. Charelle then began working in the Strategy, Architecture and Information Group in North America Pharma IT (NAPIT). In this role she served as the Program Administrator for the NAPIT Innovation Team, founded and chaired GSK’s Global IT Innovation Committee, and Co-Founded the Early Career Network for GSK’s Research Triangle Park campus. She currently serves as the Program…

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