Continuing Education: So You Have an MEM Degree. Now What?

Any good manager, engineering or otherwise, is always trying to stay relevant and improve their managing abilities. Continuing education can take many forms and it is up to you to find your best way to plug in. For some, attending seminars and conferences is enough to stay relevant and up to date while others might prefer a professional society. We cover a host of various options in today’s post.

Northwestern Engineering Management and Engineering Seminars:

MPD executive seminars are geared for those interested in product development related topics. They can be viewed any time online at no charge and are high quality and very interesting.

The McCormick Dean’s Seminar Series is a very interesting series of seminars offered almost monthly, usually on campus, but late in the day so MEM students might be able drop in on the way home or before class.

The Segal design institute also has a series of seminars that are quite interesting and are more focused on the design opportunities and topics of interest to design oriented students. In addition to their seminars, Segal holds a variety of showcases on campus.

The MSIA program runs a series of seminars every quarter on topics related to analytics and the analytics industry.

For those interested in entrepreneurship, the e@NU conference each May focuses solely on the various facets of entrepreneurship on campus. It is an all-day event but combines a business plan competition with speakers, panels, and some degree of open house and a showcase of new business ideas. (Click here to see last year’s schedule of events.)

Continuing Studies:

Northwestern’s School of Continuing Studies is a good resource for alumni interested in pursuing topics outside of engineering management or engineering in general. Certificate programs cover topics a wide variety of topics from decision making for climate change to project management.

Professional Societies:

There are a plethora of professional societies (check out our quick guide) but MEM is focused on two lately. The PDMA focuses on product development while INCOSE is a good choice for systems engineering. they have regular seminars and talks that are very worthwhile. Note that we have offered to pick up student membership costs for MEM students wishing to join INCOSE this year.

PMI is also a great choice for project managers who want to keep current on techniques, frameworks and processes.

The IEEE technology management council is a very obvious place for engineering managers to stay current with their craft. This might be your one stop shop if you can join and follow only one society.

MEMPC Collaboration:

While Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Managements offers their own host of videos and workshops, many schools in the MEMPC offer their own resources for engineering management students and alumni such as webinars from MIT, videos from MIT and Stanford, and a variety of blogs. Stanford offers a comprehensive blog list from alumni and professor such as alumni Tim Berry’s blog on startups and Smart Energy, which analyzes energy solutions.

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