MEM Guide to Chicago Ideas Week 2012

Chicago Ideas Week has finally arrived! There are over 80 events related to CIW taking place throughout the city this week, so take a few moments today to review the schedule and purchase tickets before they sell out. We provide an overview of CIW and offer some tips on attending below.

Stay Informed:

Subscribe to the CIW blog for relevant articles and download the app for up-to-date information (you must register with CIW to download the app). Can’t make it downtown for a talk? Tune into the Livestream from NBC to watch certain events online.

How it works:

During CIW there are four types of events and each costs $15. You can purchase tickets online and should do so as soon as possible because events are selling out quickly.

CIW Talks: 90 minutes with 2-5 speakers ranging from interviews, to conversations, to performances. Speakers include top researcherssocial entrepreneurs, and tech company CEOs and much more.

CIW Labs: Hands-on experiences that offer the chance to take a look behind the scenes with small groups. The labs include everything from going behind the curtain at leading theater venues to see the inner workings of businesses in the city.

CIW Megatalks: Evening programs featuring distinguished speakers from around the world. The talks cover topics like “Disruptive Innovation: Reinventing Our World” and “The Meaning of Life: What It’s All About.”

CIW Partner Programs: Range depending on who is co-sponsoring the events. Look at the list of sponsors to see if anyone is hosting an event of interest to you.

MEM Recommendations:

The scalable solutions energy talk tomorrow night in the Museum of Contemporary Art is a great opportunity for anyone working in the energy industry or interested in the future on energy and the impact of forthcoming environmental changes. The CIW Labs, in general, have a great deal to offer in a more hands-on format than most conferences provide. Boeing, Accenture, Northshore University Health in particular provide interesting programs to attend. Still having trouble deciding? Pick up a CIW recommended speaker package to save some money and have a pre-made list of programs created for you.

Have you already attended an event or do you have a recommendation? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section!

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