NUMEM Tailgate 2012

Beautiful 70 degree weather and sunny skies offered the perfect day for a Northwestern football victory and the annual NUMEM Tailgate. PriSim Business War Games sponsored the pre-game party Saturday morning while the Wildcats went on to beat Boston College 22-13, adding another win to their perfect 3-0 records.

The tailgate offered great fun for the whole family, with children playing games of bags while new students mingled with their future classmates and alumni. Greg Westphall, a 2007 graduate of the MEM program, was happy to bring the whole family along for a trip back to his alma mater. “The family and I had a great time Saturday! We wanted to thank everyone for their support and volunteering. What a great day for football!”

Professors Jeff Lefebrvre and Dave Semb, as well as Jeff’s wife and their co-worker Julie from PriSim, served up enough burgers and hotdogs to feed the 150 students, professors, alumni, and their families who attended the tailgate. “It’s great seeing some community starting to build within MEM” Jeff said of the event.

Jessica Font, a 2012 MEM alum attended the first tailgate in 2010. “I very much enjoyed the orientation and attending the game. Not only was the game a fun event to attend, but it gave me an opportunity to network with fellow classmates.  I look forward to attending more social and networking events this coming year.”

Watching the ‘Cats accumulate 560 yards of offense on the field and go a perfect 5-for-5 on field goals while nabbing seven interceptions from the Eagles offered an exciting way to show Northwestern and MEM pride, but the coming year will certainly bring more opportunities for alumni and students to come together and keep building a strong NUMEM community. Jeff, however, is already thinking about 2013: “Next year we shoot for 200 at the tailgate!”

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