Are You One of the Top 100 Elite Students in Chicago?

Then you should apply for ThinkChicago, a great opportunity to meet potential investors and industry leaders, visit business headquarters, win free VIP admission to Chicago Ideas Week, and more. . .

Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) takes place October 8-14 and offers a host of events to create dialogue and explore new ideas in Chicago businesses and institutions. CIW provides informative talks, opportunities for networking and community building, and unique access to idea sharing. ThinkChicago is a special event during CIW open only to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. The 100 chosen applicants will have the chance to attend special talks, see the inner workings of up-and-coming Chicago companies, attend a rock concert, among a variety of other perks. Tickets for CIW go on sale for the general public on September 4 and ThinkChicago applications are due September 9. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities and click here to see a listing of more tech and business events happening throughout the fall. Be sure to post a comment if you apply or plan to attend!

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