Announcement: New MEM Director Mark Werwath

My name is Mark Werwath and I am very proud and honored to become the new director of the Masters in Engineering Management program at Northwestern University.  I graduated from the MEM program in1987. My organization development courses with department founder Al Rubenstein would eventually inspire me to return to academia, but I first pursued a career in the industry while starting a family and raising my kids.  My career in the industry included 20+ years with Motorola, managing hundreds of new product development projects as well as program management and product strategy offices.

One of the biggest projects I managed was the original development of the Nextel/iDEN wireless system infrastructure which utilized GSM, a digital wireless standard from Europe, as the base technology . The largest team I managed included more than 200 engineers and the biggest business I managed was over $200 million. I have also started three businesses in my lifetime and was involved in at least six mergers/acquisitions. I am a former member of the IEEE technology management council and held a position on their Board of Governors for 3 years as Vice President of Education.

I returned to the MEM department in 2001 to teach classes primarily in project and process management  and in 2003 I earned my PhD in organizational development.  My new term as director officially began on July 1. I have a solid understanding of the role of the engineering manager in high tech companies. I plan to leverage Northwestern’s connections in the MEM professional consortium to gain better insights into developing a more comprehensive and more compelling curriculum. I will be focusing on forming a curriculum committee and finding ways to build a better community within MEM (at northwestern of across the country?). I am a solid believer in “systems thinking” and its implications for design and plan to adopt this theme in planning the future of the MEM program.

My office is in Tech in C118 so please stop by and say hi. I have many students to meet and faculty to talk to and, of course, much to learn about the current day MEM program and its students. As an MEM alum with 25 years of hindsight, I know how many opportunities my MEM degree created for me and I want your MEM degree to open as many doors for you. I am glad to be on board.

— Mark Werwath

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