Professional Societies Quick Guide

Professional societies can be great opportunities for career development, continuing education, networking, and much more. See the chart for our quick guide to professional engineering management society with more specific information about each society below.


Mission: Provide engineering management solutions to leadership and management challenges in order to create and lead great technical organizations ~ Promote the development and practice of the engineering management profession.

Worth Noting: Professional Development Module-Based Training Program; Epsilon Mu Eta National Honor Society of Engineering Management

Primary Publications: Engineering Management Journal; International Annual Conference Proceedings; Practice Periodical; Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge; Engineering Management Handbook

Primary Resources: Society Publications; Conferences and Meetings; Certificate and Training Programs; Job Announcements; Local Sections; Consulting Help


Mission: Foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Worth Noting: IEEE Women in Engineering (largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists); IEEE Xplore Digital Library; Publishes almost a third of all technical literature on electrical engineer, computer science, and electronics

Primary Publications: Spectrum Magazine; The Institute; over 150 field-specific magazines, journals, and research collections

Primary Resources: Publications; Xplore Library; International Standards; Continuing Educations Units; Grants; Awards; Conferences.


Mission: Improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in product development and management.

Worth Noting: Selective Certification Program offered in English and Spanish as well; Chapter-Focused

Primary Publications: Journal of Product Innovation Management; Visions PDMA Handbook on New Product Development; PDMA Toolbooks for New Product Development; New Product Development for Dummies

Primary Resources: Certification; Chapter Events; Webcast Series; Presentations; Library and Community Website; Annual Conference; Journals; Networking; Resume Posting and Job Search


Mission: Bringing together the experts on technology management to address the issues involved in managing current and emerging technologies so that the society will be the winner in this changing world.

Worth Noting: Membership fee includes: greatly discounted conference fee, access to all proceedings from 1997 to present, issues of Springer Journal and Knowledge Economy, discount on certain Springer publications

Primary Publications: Proceedings & CD-Rom for conference proceedings; Books; Online Newsletter

Primary Resources: Annual conference; Awards and Medals of Excellence; Student Awards


Mission: To advance the practice, science, and professional of project management throughout the world in a conscious and proactive manner.

Worth Noting: Over 600,000 Members in Over 185 countries; Driven by a System of Core Values: professionalism, volunteerism, community, engagement; PMI PathProp Career Framework Tool

Primary Publications: PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms; Project Management Journal; PMI Today; e-Newsletters

Primary Resources: Globally Recognized Standards and Credentials; Extensive Research Program; Professional Development Opportunities; Collaborative Communities; Training and Education


Mission: Research, develop, and promote engineering and management systems that support organizational transformation, increase competitiveness, and improve sustainability and social responsibility.

Worth Noting: Focus on Participation and Volunteerism; Six Sigma Seminars; Industrial Engineering Terminology dictionary

Primary Publications: Industrial Engineer; Industrial Management; IIE Transactions; The Engineering Economist; IEE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering; Journal of Enterprise Transformation Newsletter

Primary Resources: Publications; Newsletter; Webinars; Conferences; Blog; Engineering Management Certificate Programs; Awards and Recognition; Training Programs; Job Search Tools; Online Social Networking Resources

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