PriSim: Red Bull Yourself to be Creative

Enjoy this post from our friends at PriSim Business War Games.

Business performance is sometimes driven by being “clever” or “creative”. Unfortunately, many people think that creativity is an innate ability that a person either has or doesn’t have.

Well, there’s good news. Creativity is a skill that can be learned with practice.

There seem to be two equally valid paths to creativity: the daydreamer path and the Thomas Edison “99% perspiration” path. The daydreamer path works best if we feel we’re a long way from developing an insight; the perspiration path works best if we feel we’re close to a breakthrough.

Click on this link to read a Wall Street Journal article with some hints.

To motivate you on your path to creativity, click on this link to look at some top inventions of 2011.

PriSim Business War Games Inc. runs and designs customized business simulations that teach decision-makers about business, strategy, finance, and leadership

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