“Engineering Matters” weighs in on Leadership Development

“Engineering Matters” is a fantastic blog for anyone involved in an engineering organization and covers topics from technical strategies to talent management to software systems. This article discusses succession planning and the importance of developing internal employees to fill management positions in the future. Analyzing the current engineering market, EM writes “the critical point here is that the continuity of that product pipeline is critical to the success of the company. And that can’t happen without good leadership,” that is, leadership with the combination of management and technical engineering experience an MEM degree provides. The posts asks “for good or bad examples of succession management” and we would suggest a look at the Northwestern MEM program, which works to accommodate students in full-time positions by offering part-time enrollment, convenient evening classes, and tuition paid per course to allow students to spread the cost and keep within their company’s tuition reimbursement policy. How do you think the field of engineering is transforming? What strategies can engineers employ to remain current and prepare for potential management positions in the future?

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