Is it possible to have a high-paying career? In a field you love? According to Career Builder, the answer is yes. Welcome to the MEM Program.

Career Builder recently identified eight Master’s Degrees with the highest paying salaries, and estimates placed an MEM degree second highest on the list. Master’s programs often force students to make a choice: pursue a specific subject or field you love without much guarantee of financial pay-off or pursue a dependable financial choice (aka an MBA) without the desired subject matter. MEM represents the perfect marriage of both worlds—practical, professional engineering practice and core management subjects like those found in an MBA program. An MEM degree from Northwestern means more job security—a 2007 student survey showed that 70% of graduates who remained with their company received a promotion within a year of graduation, and full-time students tend to find jobs within nine months of graduation. By drawing together technical engineering skills and necessary management knowledge, MEM students can remain on the engineering career path while creating the potential to move into administrative and executive position that require a background in technical skills. Would you gravitate toward your passion? Or practicality? Or hold out for both? Let us know what you think.

See more from the Career Builder article!

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